Get Involved

Become a HemoHelper!

Please consider one of the following ways to volunteer:

  1. Donate! Your donation to our global outreach helps people with  bleeding disorders. It is tax deductable and 100% of your donation goes to our causes.  We organize international humanitarian efforts. We work toward educating people about bleed prevention and basic care. We just want to help people with bleeding disorders, that’s it. :)
  2. Spread the word about us. If number 1 won’t work for you right now, we understand. But something everyone can do is share our posts, talk about our mission with your friends/family, follow our blog, download our podcast, wear our t-shirts, etc. You see, spreading awareness about bleeding disorders is ALSO a big part of our mission. The more people know, the more they’ll help.
  3. Are you taking a trip to a developing country in the near future? Let us organize a donation effort for you. We can send bleeding disorder / bleed prevention educational materials, bleeding disorder medical identification cards, and medical identification tags in the language of the region you are visiting. We will also send donated medical supplies upon availability. Email You can also contact us through the Contact page form. Volunteer
  4. Send us your ideasIf you think of something hemophilia-related that you think we could help accomplish in the world, then feel at complete liberty to talk to us about it. Two heads are better than one. With thousands of heads, I’m sure we can come up with some brilliant efforts. Enlighten us, oh wise ones!