About HemoHelper

HemoHelper was developed and established in the greater NYC area in 2014. While the site is designed to be an approachable, non-medical resource for hemo-related tips, stories, news, products, etc., at the heart of HemoHelper are the humanitarian initiatives created to help those affected by bleeding disorders all over the world.

It has a strong social mission to help families affected by bleeding disorders, through information, awareness, and services. This is accomplished through the HemoStories Podcast and our annual medical identification and supply donation efforts.

Bleeding disorders are close to the hearts of the HemoHelper co-founders. Sisters Josie and Holly Olsen have a mutual interest in helping the bleeding disorder community: 1-year-old Forrest, Josie’s son, was born with a severe factor I deficiency, otherwise known as congenital afibrinogenemia.

Pictured are sisters and co-founders Holly and Josie Olsen, with Josie’s son Forrest. Forrest and Josie are both Factor I deficient.