Successful HemoHelper Donation to Nigeria


Successful HemoHelper Donation to Nigeria

This year, HemoHelper staff organized a donation effort to benefit hemophiliacs of Nigeria, the most populated country in Africa. HemoHelper shipped 300 medical identification bracelets and life-saving medical supplies to Nigeria’s national hemophilia organization, which were distributed at a large family event that took place to celebrate World Hemophilia Day.  This effort was made possible by people who gave generously from all over the world.  Fortunately, all shipments arrived safely and in time for the festivities (see photos below).

HemoHelper worked with a handful medical ID bracelet suppliers who donated products, engraving companies who donated services and gave discounts, and we purchased the remaining order with funds donated by people far and wide who supported the cause to get medical identification pendants to those affected by bleeding disorders in Nigeria. To everyone who participated, we say thank you!

To learn more about what having a bleeding disorder is like in Nigeria, listen to the episodes dedicated to Nigeria on our HemoStories Podcast.

Photos below depict Megan Adediran, Director of the Haemophilia Foundation of Nigeria, handing out HemoHelper donations to children and men affected by hemophilia at the community event in April, 2015.


Megan organizing bracelets, necklaces, cuffs, and pendants which were distributed among patients depending on each factor deficiency.



Group of little boys receiving their medical identification necklaces.



Discussing the importance of wearing life-saving identification information.


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