Episode 3: The Mertlich’s and “Transitioning”

Hosted by: Josie Olsen
Guests: Tyler and Jen Mertlich 

Hemo-Parents: Tyler and Jen Mertlich

Hemo-Parents: Tyler and Jen Mertlich

Josie interviews hemo-parents Jen and Tyler Mertlich and talk about the PEP conference where they all met. Tyler and Jen share their story of surprise as they became parents to a son with hemophilia, and discuss the ups and downs of hemophilia in their lives. The episode concludes with the story of the Mertlich’s nine year old son transitioning from away from a port in order to self administer his factor infusions at the young age of seven years old.

Special thanks to Mason Morris from SLC, UT for writing the theme song, “Just Smile,” which was written as an optimistic reminder that there is hope for a cure and a bright future in the hemophilia world.

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