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HemoStoriesHemoStories Podcast

The HemoStories Podcast is dedicated to discussing, exploring, learning from, and celebrating all things related to bleeding disorders. We interview people with bleeding disorders, people who have children with bleeding disorders, or people associated with bleeding disorders by profession. We talk about our global outreach initiatives, what it’s like to have a bleeding disorder, and we cover what’s happening in the bleeding disorder community.

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If you have a bleeding disorder or have a family member with a bleeding disorder and would like to share your hemo-story, contact joslyn@hemohelper.com. We’d LOVE to hear from you!


Episode List:

Episode 24: Isidro Montero of Costa Rica

Episode 23: Marisol de Monteroso & Dr. Faviola Valbert of Guatemala

Episode 22: Haydée Benoit de García

Episode 21: Miguel Izquierdo in Mexico

Episode 20: HemoHelper WFH Research Recap

Episode 19: Linda Wright

Episode 18: Rich Pezzillo

Episode 17: Danny’s Dose

Episode 16: Blood Vibrations

Episode 15: Maria DaSilva from Brazil

Episode 14: Agnes Kisakye in Uganda

Episode 13: Timothy Wilcox

Episode 12: Inside Blood Work 2015

Episode 11: FOLX Founder Justin Levesque

Episode 10: Preeta Varkey (Part 2)

Episode 9: Preeta Varkey in Bahrain

Episode 8: Michael Bishop

Episode 7: Hemophilia in Nigeria (Part 2)

Episode 6: Hemophilia in Nigeria

Episode 5: Tina McMullen

Episode 4: Dr. Samuel Smith

Episode 3: The Mertlichs and “Transitioning”

Episode 2: HemoHelper Reaches Guatemala

Episode 1: Welcome to the HemoStories Podcast!