HemoStories Episode 22: Haydée Benoit de García


Hosted by: Holly Olsen

Guest: Haydée Benoit de García

haydeeHaydée Benoit de García, of the Dominican Republic, used her son’s diagnosis with Severe Hemophilia A as motivation to empower her entire country with knowledge and information about bleeding disorders. From what had once been an isolating experience for the hundreds in the Dominican Republic with hemophilia (diagnosed or not), came a community filled with hope and optimism.

Listen to her story to learn about the partnership of hemophiliacs, parents, and medical providers within the Dominican Republic with those outside the country, including the World Hemophilia Foundation. United, they support those in the Dominican Republic with donations of time, money, education, supplies and product. It’s a beautiful team which was made possible by the efforts of one woman motivated by the desire to help and to improve the lives of others.

This interview took place in 2015, and it is the first HemoStories episode completely in Spanish. For an English transcript of the interview, click here.

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Special thanks to Caroleen Kelly for editing, and to Mason Morris from SLC, UT for writing the theme song, “Just Smile,” which was written as an optimistic reminder that there is hope for a cure and a bright future in the hemophilia world

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