HemoStories Episode 21: Miguel Izquierdo in Mexico City

Miguel and Holly in Mexico City

Hosted by: Holly Olsen

Guest: Miguel Izquierdo

In this episode of HemoStories, Holly Olsen speaks with Miguel Izquierdo in Mexico City.

Himself a hemophiliac, Miguel Izquierdo understands the challenges of diagnosis and treatment. As the president of the Directive Board of the Mexican Federation of Hemophilia, he advocates for proper health care for thousands of hemophiliacs in Mexico. The group deals with insurance complications, cultural stigma, and maintaining quality of life.

This podcast was recorded in person in Mexico City, Mexico as part of a holiday donation trip of medical supplies and medical identification bracelets by HemoHelper volunteers, Holly and Kristen Olsen.

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Special thanks to Caroleen Kelly for editing, and to Mason Morris from SLC, UT for writing the theme song, “Just Smile,” which was written as an optimistic reminder that there is hope for a cure and a bright future in the hemophilia world

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