HemoStories Episode 15: Maria DaSilva from Brazil


Hosted by: Joslyn Olsen
Guest: Maria DaSilva

Maria and her son, Ben.

Maria and her son, Ben.

In this episode of the HemoStories Podcast, Josie interviews her good friend and HemoHelper advisory board member, Maria Da Silva.  Born and raised in Brazil, Maria now lives in Connecticut, and has a deep and broad history with hemophilia that has affected her life and the lives of extended family members.

Knowing that she was a carrier since the time she was little, losing her father to AIDS in 1988, and later having her own son with hemophilia, Maria’s story is one of heartache, loss, love, and hope. Together, Maria and Joslyn inform listeners of the complications that have frequently accompanied those who live with hemophilia. They also discuss the difficulty of diagnosis and treatment in developing countries. Maria’s familiarity with hemophilia inspires her to appreciate medical progress and motivates her to help others.

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Special thanks to Mason Morris from SLC, UT for writing the theme song, “Just Smile,” which was written as an optimistic reminder that there is hope for a cure and a bright future in the hemophilia world.

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