HemoStories Episode 14: Agnes Kisakye in Uganda


Hosted by: Joslyn Olsen
Guest: Agnes Kisakye

Wassawa, Agnes' nephew with hemophilia, sitting with other family members.

Wassawa, Agnes’ nephew with hemophilia, sitting with other family members.

In this HemoStories episode, Joslyn interviews Agnes Kisakye, the executive secretary of the Haemophilia Foundation of Uganda. After helping her brother’s son discover his bleeding disorder after a series of unfortunate bleeds, Agnes, a social worker, began seeking out other hemophiliacs in her country and helping them. 

Uganda has a population of approximately 38 million people, but only has 81 diagnosed bleeding disorder patients. That doesn’t mean there aren’t more out there (likely thousands, in fact), but in this developing country there are limited resources and a general lack of awareness regarding bleeding disorders.  

HemoHelper has been collecting donations in an effort to send medical identification pendants for every diagnosed hemophiliac in Uganda, in addition to hundreds of medical supplies. To support the cause, click here.

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Special thanks to Mason Morris from SLC, UT for writing the theme song, “Just Smile,” which was written as an optimistic reminder that there is hope for a cure and a bright future in the hemophilia world.

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