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The Sparrow Alliance Our parent organization.

 Sparrow Alliance


A Chick W/Sticks  A VERY special thanks goes to Chelsea Moore and the many people who supported the “Fighting For Forrest” campaign to raise awareness about our causes and help HemoHelper become established. 

10531050_779062252069_625261335_n Owner Mason Morris graciously composed, recorded, and donated the music for the HemoStories Podcast.


Family Humanitarian Experience  Collaborated with us to successfully deliver our first donations to Guatemala in 2014.




Lauren’s Hope Medical ID JewelryHas generously donated THOUSANDS of Medical ID tags. Lauren’s Hope has helped us since our very first humanitarian effort, and has given ongoing support to our organization. 

Lauren's Hope Medical ID logo

Hillyard, Anderson, and Olsen Benefactor

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 9.33.10 PM

Chic Alert Medical ID Generously donated Medical ID bracelets


Hope Paige  Generously donated Medical ID bracelets

hope paige

MedIDs.Com – Generously donated Medical ID bracelets

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Passenger Employees – Benefactors


Mandy and Bryan Cogman, Randy Mailman Inc. –  Benefactors



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